Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tour of Old Town Geneva with Bob

Bob, Afton's husband took Lacey, Morgan, and I on a tour of Old Town Geneva. It was really fun, and afterwards he treated us to a really good lunch. It was a very fun experience.

The outside walls of Old Town.

Bob and Morgan walking through Reformer's Park.

Bob being an extra in a short film by a guy in our ward that we ran into in the park. We all got to be extras, it was a little weird, but fun.

All of us in front of the Reformers Wall.

The Reformers.

Geneva's one of two claims to fame: the longest bench in the world!

There was a really fun playground.

Some artillery stuff.


An old church that we climbed to the top of.

View of Geneva from the top of the church.

Me on the top.

All of us on the top.

Geneva's second claim to fame: the tallest water.