Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cooking in the 16th Century

Thanks to Mumzie's influence, the extensive kitchens are my favorite part of Hampton Court. So I took as many pictures as I could pretending to cook!

London, take 2!

Me with Big Ben.

Shot of parliament from across the Thames.

Me and Westminster.

Lacey and I in front of Morgan's favorite crepe stand.

The Tower of London.

Me and Tower Bridge.

Waiting to see Mary Poppins, which was amazing!

Hampton Court.

Me in the hedge maze at Hampton Court.

An outside shot of our hostel, Palmer's Lodge.

Allie thought this bust looked just like Trent, so we took a picture of it.


The Sagrada Familia, this church has been underconstruction for almost a hundred years, and is still not done. It was designed by Gaudi.

Inside the church.

A beautiful sculpture on the outside of the church of the nativity.

This is a monastery that we went to.

Eating lunch, I was the only one brave enough to get seafood all weekend.

Morgan, Lacey, and I.

This is Morgan's paparazzi shot of me on the tour bus.

Enjoying some pastries after visiting the Picasso museum.

This is the entrance to the Park Guell, also designed by Gaudi, it was like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.

A shot of the famous bench in the park.

Me with the famous lizard at the park.

I'm pointing in the direction of America, just like the Christopher Columbus statue on top of the pillar.

A nice shot of the city, you can see the Sagrada Familia in the background.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Lacey, Morgan, and I in our hotel room.

Me trying to help our logistics person figure out where we're going.

La Sainte-Chapelle windows.

Ken, Morgan, Lacey, and I in our Christmas card shot in front of the Arc de Triomphe.

Notre Dame, we didn't go in because the line was hideously long.

Me with a nice view.

This is the family that Morgan knows from her mission. They were really nice and fed us a ton of food.

It's Paris, I can't NOT have a shot of the Eiffel Tower.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Women Deliver

Here are some pictures from the conference that I went to in London, and then visited Allie.

Morgan and I having dinner our first night in London with Afton, we went to this chain noodle place that was really good.

Morgan and I taking a lunch break on the first day of the conference.

This is one of the plenary sessions, or main sessions where everyone meets.

Morgan and I found some vending machines in our hotel and we decided to take a break on one of the couches.

This is Morgan and two women from Darfur who were there to speak about fistula. These cute women were great Morgan kind of stalked them until she finally made friends with them.

Me, Emma (a former intern of Afton's who lives in the UK), and Morgan in front of a display at the conference with our bags.

Me posing in front of a Women Deliver poster.

This is Allie in front of the really big Asda that is right next to the Costco.

Monday, November 12, 2007


So here are the long awaited pictures from the Prague trip.

Us with the lady at the hostel, she was so nice
that we wanted to take a picture with her.

Me at a nice picture shot of the castle.

Lacey and Morgan enjoying a nice break at a cafe.

Wenceslas square where all the protests took place during the Communist regime.

Us at the top of Wenceslas square.

At the Czech opera that we went to on the first night.

Us about to go into the castle.

View of Prague from the castle.

Us inside the castle complex.

Me at the entrance to the castle.

Morgan and I having our amazing meal that I will never forget.

The cute streets where there were a million places to shop.

Lacey and Morgan trying to figure out where to go next.

Me and the castle at night.